Music and Dance
Group Classes

Mentorship and Performance Coaching
Junk percussion / Bucket drumming…
Body percussion / Latin dance…
Singing / Rapping / Songwriting…

For students of any age who need support :
Building co-ordination and confidence
Developing leadership & teamwork skills
Coping with mental health
Learning new creative ways of simply having fun


Ages: 8-12, 16-18, 18+, Parent/Toddler, Senior

Program repeated each week / drop-ins welcomed

Week – 1-3 Coordination activities, Skill building, Games

Week: 4-6 Rhythm Games – Ostinatos – Notation (Basic)

Week: 7-10 Repertoire for end of semester concert

Concert provides parents/carers with a showcase + certificate

TESTIMONIAL (from former company Rhythm Works)

“Hello Troy and Sheldon,

My name is #####, and i am in grade nine. Rhythm works recently finished a one-week work shop at my school. For that reason i’d like to take a minute to say thank you for the INCREDIBLE experience. 

When i first walked into the gym and saw the buckets i’m gonna be honest i was pretty confused. It never OCCURRED to me, the power that drumming had. It was only after i analyzed and heard what was possible, that i realized what it could do.  the workshop was so interesting and INTRICATE.  I couldn’t take my eyes off when you were performing, and the drumming was so much fun. It was honestly so relieving, i walked out of class feeling new. And for that, really, thank you so much. 

I’d also like to mention how inspiring you both were. the workshop was amazing, but getting a chance to talk to you, and to hear you speak was a life altering moment. I realized a lot about myself, and my life. i have a lot of friends, who i am sure, took away even more from this. so Thank you not only for making me a little bit wiser, but for putting smiles on the faces of my friends. Lastly i’d just like to mention how inspiring both your stories were. Hearing about what you have gone through, and how you dealt with it, really gave me a little more hope for our world. I’m so sorry, that something like that had happened, because things like that, may never go away. but i am grateful, that something so positive came out of it.  Thank you again, for being so inspiring, for giving me hope, and for doing what you do.”


Body Percussion and Crowd Engagement

Drumming at Hershey Centre

CBC – Bucket Drumming. Using the Arts and Teaching Rhythm and Dance to students, incarcerated youth, persons with disabilities, public speaking on mental health, anti-bullying and anti-drug campaigns, leadership camps.

TEDx Talk – Body Percussion and Drumming with Rhythm Works

Nuit Blanche – Bucket Drumming and Stomp

Boomwackers Routine

ZwithC and Rhythm Works #Zumba

Junk Drums Routine

Drum Circle Games