Music and Dance
Group Classes

Mentorship and Performance Coaching
Junk percussion / Bucket drumming…
Body percussion / Latin dance…
Singing / Rapping / Songwriting…

For students of any age who need support :
Building co-ordination and confidence
Developing leadership & teamwork skills
Coping with mental health
Learning new creative ways of simply having fun


Ages: 8-12, 16-18, 18+, Parent/Toddler, Senior

Program repeated each week / drop-ins welcomed

Week – 1-3 Coordination activities, Skill building, Games

Week: 4-6 Rhythm Games – Ostinatos – Notation (Basic)

Week: 7-10 Repertoire for end of semester concert

Concert provides parents/carers with a showcase + certificate

Body Percussion and Crowd Engagement

Drumming at Hershey Centre

CBC – Bucket Drumming. Using the Arts and Teaching Rhythm and Dance to students, incarcerated youth, persons with disabilities, public speaking on mental health, anti-bullying and anti-drug campaigns, leadership camps.

TEDx Talk – Body Percussion and Drumming with Rhythm Works

Nuit Blanche – Bucket Drumming and Stomp

Boomwackers Routine

ZwithC and Rhythm Works #Zumba

Junk Drums Routine

Drum Circle Games